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Enlisted hats are $30 and officer hats with rank sewn on are $40. Shipping costs are not included. When your hat ships you will be E-mailed a tracking number. Rush orders are available for an additional fee per hat. For any questions not answered here please don't hesitate to contact me.

I'm sure at some point throughout your day you've entered a building while another airman was leaving and noticed they grabbed their hat from a cargo pocket shook it out and slapped it on their head. Everytime I see someone do that it sends chills down my spine. How can you be proud to wear the uniform when your hat looks like that, so I decided to "block" my hat to show everyone how proud I am to wear the uniform. After I perfected the look of my own blocked hat I was often asked where I purchased it. When I said I made it, word of mouth began to spread and requests came in from airmen wanting a blocked hat for themselves. So if you're interested in wearing a hat that will show how proud you are to wear this uniform, lets get you into a blocked hat today.

Hat sizes are as follows; 7, 7 1/8, 7 1/4, 7 3/8, 7 1/2, 7 5/8, 7 3/4, 7 7/8 and 8. It is IMPERATIVE you know what size hat you wear so you can order the proper size to be blocked. For example, if you normally wear a snug size 7 1/2 it may be wise to go up to a size 7 5/8. However, if you wear a normal to loose fitting size 7 1/2 I suggest staying in that size. If you're not sure of what size to order visit clothing sales on base and try on the hat that best fits you without being tight and go with that size.

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